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IASPM XXI 2022 participants: 

Welcome to Day 2 of the IASPM XXI 2022. Today, we have special keynote speeches and a live concert as well as two parallel sessions. 

Room 322, 11-12:30pm KST (UTC+9) 

The second keynote of the conference will be given by Dr. Chan E. Park (Ohio State University, USA) and Prof. Jung-Sun Lee (Dongduk Women's University, Korea). In the speeches, they will tell their personal and historical journeys through Korean popular music and traditional music. 

Room 322, 7-9pm KST (UTC+9) 

Lee Jung-Sun Band, led by a legendary folk guitarist Lee as well as the keynote speaker above, will perform a live concert in conjunction with a Daegu local band Cosmic Avalone. 

8:30-10:30am / 1:30-3:30pm / 4-6pm KST (UTC+9) 

We continue to have exciting virtual sessions morning and afternoon (six, seven, and six parallel sessions each). Please find out and bookmark your interested sessions on the virtual platform Whova. 

Following yesterday's screening of Korean classic music films, we will continue to watch Korean modern music films: Go Go 70 (2pm), Waikiki Brothers (4pm), No Money, No Future (6pm), and Us and Them: Korean Indie Rock in a K-pop World (8pm). Please check out the schedule in the afternoon through the evening. 

Happy conferencing! 

IASPM XXI 2022 Local Organizer 


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