The conference will be held at Daegu Exhibition & Convention Centre (EXCO). It is located in the North of Daegu, and the modern building specializes in various conferences including academic conferences.

  • 10 EXCO-RO, BUK-GU, DAEGU 41515, KOREA”
  • +82-53-601-5000
  • Homepage: 

Opened in April 2001, EXCO, already a state of the art convention and exhibition facility, is entering a phase of extensive expansion that was completed in 2011. By then EXCO will comprise 24,000-square meter-exhibition space, convention hall with 4,000 seats, auditorium with 1,600 seats and 34 conference rooms.

Strategically located at the center of Daegu Distribution Complex, EXCO provides an easy access to the Daegu International Airport, Kyungbu and Daegu railroads, the main highways and express train station.

How to get to Daegu

There are various ways to get from your country to Daegu, Korea, where the conference will be held. Currently (as of June 5, 2022) flying from your country direct to Daegu International Airport is very expensive and inconvenient, because Korea’s domestic connections are extremely limited after COVID-19. So we would like to recommend the following 'optimized' methods for the current criteria:

After arriving at Incheon International Airport

* If you have arrived at Gimpo Airport, use AREX from Gimpo Airport to Seoul Station and transfer to KTX. For route maps and timetables, see here

  • Railway : Incheon International Airport → Seoul Station (by AREX) → Dongdaegu Station (by KTX)
  • Express Bus : Incheon International Airport Intercity Bus Terminal → Dongdaegu Bus Terminal in Dongdaegu Station&Dongdaegu Transportation Hub
Railway (KTX)
Incheon International Airport → Seoul Station by Airport Railroad (AREX)
Departure Time Interval Travel Time Fare
Express Train Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 2 First Train 05:15 40~50min. 51 min. Adult: 9,000 KRW
Child: 7,000 KRW
Last Train 22:40
All-Stop-Train Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 2 First Train 05:18 10~15min. 66 min. Adult: 4,750 KRW
Child: 2,200 KRW
Last Train 23:32

AREX Information & Express Train Reservation AREX Info

Seoul Station → Dongdaegu Station
Departure Time Interval Travel Time Fare
Seoul Station First Train 05:05 10~30min 1hr 40min 43,500 KRW
Last Train 23:00

- The above information is subject to change. Please see more KORAIL Information & Ticket Reservation KORAIL Info

Airport Express Bus
Incheon Int’l Airport → Dongdaegu Bus Terminal in Dongdaegu Station&Dongdaegu Transportation Hub
Departure Destination Time Table Interval Travel Time Fare
Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 2 Dongdaegu (East Daegu) Bus Terminal in Dongdaegu Station&Dongdaegu Transportation Hub First Bus 06:30 60~70min 4h 30~5h 37,600 KRW
Last Bus 21:30
Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 1 Dongdaegu (East Daegu) Bus Terminal in Dongdaegu Station&Dongdaegu Transportation Hub First Bus 06:50 60~70min 4h~4h 30min 37,600 KRW
Last Bus 21:50

How to get to EXCO

Dongdaegu Station & Dongdaegu Transportation Hub → EXCO More


  • 12 minutes | 4.45km
  • Approximately 6,100KRW


  • 413 (Dongdaegu Station(Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center)) → EXCO 11 & 12 stations | 5.85km
  • 937 (Dongdaegu Station(Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center)) → EXCO 15 & 16 stations | 7.24km
  • 순환2-1 (Dongdaegu Station(Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center)) → Geomdan 119 Center(EXCO) 17 & 18 stations | 7.72km
Daegu International Airport → EXCO More


  • Approximately 10 minutes | 3.41km
  • Approximately 4,900KRW


  • 719·동구2(Daegu International Airport) Transfer → 503(Myeong Munsega) → EXCO

Conference Room Overview

1. Main Venue : EXCO West Wing 3F Conference Room 322
2. Sub Venue: Daegu Convention & Visitors Bereau Fashin Design Development Support Center 3F Forum Rounge

☞ Sub Venue is located in the EXCO complex area. You can find it right across from EXCO gate 2.


  • A detailed manual on how to access the online conference will be delivered soon. We are working hard to prepare an optimal platform, to ensure convenient access wherever you are.

  • If you require a taxi from a hotel or event venue to another place in Daegu, please ask the information desk to call a taxi. Uber is not widely used in Korea however the Korean equivalent, Kakao Taxi, can be installed in the app store. The drivers will not be fluent in English but will take you to your destination.

  • Public transportation is also available in Daegu. To take the bus, you can get directions at the hotel lobby. The bus is very easy to use and has English announcements available. There are three metro trains running in Daegu. Unfortunately, there are no stations within walking distance around the venue.

  • The Korean alternative of Google Maps, such as ‘Naver Map’ or ‘Kakao Map’, can be downloaded on the app store. It is worth noting the English names for Korean places may not always be consistent. Please note that Google Maps are not workable in Korea.

  • Credit and Debit Card are widely used in Korea. They are accepted ‘almost everywhere’ other than traditional markets and street stalls. Cards issued overseas (Visa, Master, UnionPay, JCB, American Express etc.) can also be used in taxi, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and hospitals if you can find your card logo. But first, you need to check whether your card is for domestic or overseas use. Please inquire with your credit card company in advance.

  • The T-Money card is useful for transportation (taxi, bus, subway, airport railroad) after arriving in Korea. You can use it after pre-loading it and get a refund before returning home. See more T-money Card information here